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Kyanite Cabochons

Kyanite is a silicate semi precious gemstone material, commonly found in aluminium-rich metamorphic pegmatites and/or sedimentary rock. 

The mineral Kyanite is often used in the automotive industry.

This lovely translucent blue stone cabochon material is from Bahia, Brazil.

Kyanite is usually blue, but can be found in several colors and several locations around the world.  Kyanite is formed as elongated and bladed crystals.

Kyanite cabochons can be brittle and it is usually stabilized before cutting. Kyanite's hardness can from one direction to another can vary from 4.5-5, to as much as 7.  Care should be taken in setting and wearing cabochons in jewelry.

Kyanite's name derives from the Greek word kyanos, meaning blue.

Metaphysical Properties: Blue Kyanite is said to clear blockages and open up one's metal capacities. It is used to enhance telepathic abilities and is said to stimulate dreams!