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Kabamba Jasper

This unique green gemsotne material is known as Kabamba Jasper. It is green orbicular jasper from the South Africa Rift on the west side of the island of Madagascar.

Kabamba Jasper is a sedimentary fossil, a Stromatolite algae.

Stromatolites are the oldest living organisms on the planet, and are believed to be the first living organisms on Earth. They date back more than 3 billion years. Basically Stromatolites are prokaryotes (sort of an ancient cousin to algae) that thrived in warm aquatic environments and built reefs much the same way as coral does today. They grew through sediment and sand, binding the sedimentary particles together, resulting in successive layers which, over a long period of time, hardened to form rock.

For at least three-quarters of the earth's history Stromatolites were the main reef building organisms. More importantly, scientist believe that ancient Stromatolites produced oxygen that enabled other animal life to develop on earth. There are still living Stromatolites today.

Metaphysical Properties: Kabamba Jasper cabochon stones are said to be deeply soothing to the mind and the nervous system.