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Sugilite Cabochons

Sugilite is a rare manganese silicate mineral from the Wessels Mine (or Wessel's Mine) in Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

Sugilite semi precious stone cabochons have a 6-7.5 hardness.  The purple stones range in color a pinkish purple to a deep purple.  The most valuable Sugilite cabochon stone is translucent.

Sugilite is named for the Japanese geologist Ken ichi Sugi, who first discovered the mineral in Japan in 1944.  The lapidary grade was first found in South Africa in the early 1970's.  Sugilite jewelry stones are also known by the trade names Lavulite, and Royal Azel.

Metaphysical Properties:  Sugilite gem stones are said to assist in overcoming feelings of hopelessness.  It is an excellent semiprecious stone for people who tend to think negatively or lack confidence.  It also is believed to be good for people who suffer from nightmares or insomia.  Sugilite is said to offer peace of mind and calming effects.