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Turritella Cabochons

In one of those inconsistencies of the rock world, though it is not banded or translucent, this material is known as Turritella Agate

It is actually named that way because it is the Turritella seashell that has been agatized or replaced by silica.  Turritella is a genus of very enduring and widespread marine gastropods (aka "snails") characterized by turreted, cone shaped shells exhibiting long slender whorls with spiral ribbing.  Ancestors of contemporary Turritella have left countless shells in Earth's oceans for hundreds of millions of years, all the way back to the Lower Permian Period of the Paleozoic Era.

This semi precious fossil gemstone material comes from Wyoming.  Turritella Agate is from the Miocene Epoch and is about 24 million years old.   Turritella fossil cabochons are about a 7 hardness, wear well and take a good polish, and Turritella Agate cabochons are very unique and interesting!