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Rutilated Quartz

Beautiful clear Rutilated Quartz crystal cabochons from Brazil. This is one of the cabochon stones that is actually prized for its inclusions! Gold-colored, hairlike inclusions of rutile (a titanium dioxide mineral) embedded in this semi precious gemstone give it the appearance of a lightning show or meteor shower.

Quartz is the most abundant mineral on the face of the earth. Basic Quartz is found from milky white to optically clear. Colored varieties usually have their own names, like Amethyst or Citrine.

The name crystal comes from the Greek for "ice", as it was believed that rock crystal was eternally frozen. The name rutile means "reddish" in Latin.

Metaphysical Properties: Rutilated Quartz crystal stones are said to enhance physical and mental balance and stability, self-reliance and finding one's way. Many also attribute diminished fear and depression to the gemstone. The mineral Quartz is also believed to slow down the aging process!