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Petrified Oak Fossil Wood

This Fossilized Oak Wood is known as Golden Oak Petrified Wood because of its golden color. 

It is from a Miocene-epoch petrified oak tree. It is about 15-30 million years old and comes the well known Stinking Water area of Oregon. 

These petrified tree logs are found standing up right, because they were covered by an ash flow from volcanic activity, and sometimes the tree goes down 30-40 feet in the ground.  Over the course of time the wood was replaced by cryptocrystalline quartz, largely chalcedony and jasper. During the replacement process by silica carried in underground waters, even the most minute details of the woody structure was preserved.

Metaphysical Properties of Golden Oak Petrified Wood: Petrified Wood in general is a stone of patience, and slow and steady growth.