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Morrisonite and Carracite

Morrisonite Jasper comes from the famous Morrisonite Ranch area, above the Owhyee Mountains of southeastern Oregon near the Idaho border.

Morrisonite Jasper is a semi precious gemstone material named after James Morrison, an old timer who lived in and explored the area for 50 years.

Morrisonite is formed in Rhyolite and confined to small areas, although the surrounding territory is of the same formation. Therefore the supply of this beautiful gemstone material is limited. The area is very rugged and the Morrisonite area is perched on the side of the hill. The Morrisonite area has been closed by the BLM as it is too dangerous.

Carrasite Jasper is a nice porcelain gemstone jasper found in the same area as the famous Morrisonite and it looks very similar to it.  Both make lovely designer cabochons.