Search engines and using the SEARCH Box

Search engines and using the SEARCH Box

Posted by Barlows Gems on 16th Jun 2015

I wanted to share some tips on how to search my website to find the unique gemstone designer cabochon you are looking for. 

My site is actually quite searchable.  I have separated my stone cabochons by the categories of gemstone materials on the left.  You can obviously still search by a gemstone material if you don’t want to peruse the categories.  But you can also search by color, shape, and size (ie: 30 mm or small).  Or a combination of these “yellow triangle” or “small oval”.  The site will give you all smalls and all ovals-but the first ones shown will be the small ovals.

My site searches the descriptions too.  So you can search by origin (country, state and even sometimes the mine name), or by metaphysical healing properties (ie: stress or depression).

If you’re not sure how to spell the mineral, the site will offer suggestions as you type.  Start typing “mook” and Mookaite will show up.  Unfortunately if you spell the whole word out wrong it doesn’t give you the suggestions. 

It is okay to search for single or plural, “ovals” will pull up all ovals.

And I would like to point out a neat feature-just below the title Search Results there are 2 tabs.  Products and News & Information.  If you are just looking for educational information on rocks and minerals or you want some information such as on the Tucson Gem Show, search the News & Information.

I hope this helps you find the perfect stone cabochon for you.  If you don't see what you need, please call or email us.  This is just a small sampling or our cabochon inventory and we just might be able to get you what you need!