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Botswana Agate Cabochon

It is getting very hard to get this gorgeous banded gray and white agate semi precious stone material, known as Botswana Agate, due to export laws in Africa.  It is no longer legal to export rough rock.

Botswana Agate gem stones form in small nodules. It is well known for its beautiful whites, purples, grays, and blues, and for its tight banded or striped patterns.

Botswana Agate is a member of the chalcedony family.  Agate cabochons have a hardness of 7 and take an excellent polish. 

Botswana Agate gets its name from the only known source of this beautiful and interesting gemstone--Botswana, Africa.

Metaphysical Property:  Botswana Agate cabochon stones are thought to help bring focus on solutions and work through emotional suppressions, while enhancing creativity. It is also thought to counteract all manner of poisons, including emotional and spiritual poisoning.