Apps for Jewelry Designers and Wire Wrappers

Posted by BarlowsGems on 1st Sep 2015

I consider myself pretty savvy with the technical stuff and the computer. After all, I run two online businesses. I love my iPad, and my iPhone. However, I must admit I do not use that many apps. There are the usual ones:  Yelp, Google Maps, Notes, Reminders (which I couldn’t function without!), Overdrive for my reading addiction, and Duolingo for language learning. Google Translate and airline ones are invaluable when traveling. I like Pages and Numbers for work. And my bank and credit card processor ones are awesome.

But recently I was searching to see what I am missing out on. What great apps are out there to make my life easier? There are so many! How do I know which ones are good, and I will actually use? I specifically looked into ideas for jewelers and small businesses and here’s some I found that look interesting. I thought I’d share in case you too want to give them a try.

Metalsmith Suite

Available on iTunes for $3.99

“A practical calculation tool for jewelers, goldsmiths, and anyone working with precious metals. From bench to sales counter, anyone working in the jewelry industry will find themselves turning to Metalsmith Suite several times a day.”


Available through the Apple app store for $3.99

“This is the ultimate app for jewelers and metalsmiths. Use it to check precious metal prices, calculate sheet, wire and wax weights, ring blank lengths, find alloy recipes and information on stones. Use it to calculate weight conversions from wax to metal or silver to gold and convert weight and area measurements from English to metric. Also included are tables for drill bit sizes and B&S gauges.”


Available on iTunes for $0.99

This one is for wire wrappers and chainmail artist.Its best features are a wire ring aspect ratio calculator for wire weavers and chain mailers, information and statistics about common metals used in jewelry making, and information about gemstones.

“The Jeweler's Almanac contains information valuable to both professional jewelers and hobbyist wire workers of all levels of expertise. Information useful to the metalworker is available at your fingertips.”


From GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

Available for free through the Apple app store

For those who buy or sell diamonds.

GIA also puts out Gems & Gemology.I hear it is difficult to download the magazines but if you click on the logo it opens with lots of gemology information.

Carats:Thickness & Weight for Gems, Jewelry, Diamonds, & Gemstones

Available at Apple App store for $1.99

“This app is designed to calculate the carat weight of a gemstone using 86 different gemstone types and 12 facet styles.”

Gems and Jewels

Available for the Apple app store for $13.99

“Get closer than ever before to an exquisite collection of the most valuable and highly coveted gems, gemstones, and jewels that have captivated human beings for millennia. Learn about the rocks, minerals, and organic materials that are transformed by the jeweler's art into things of great beauty.”

FireMountain Catalog

Put out by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads for Free

This is technically a retail shopping catalog app, but this company is one of the largest suppliers of jewelry making, beading, and wire wrapping supplies,

“Your favorite jewelry-making catalog is now more portable than ever. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Catalog app enables you access to the latest catalogs to shop online right on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Now you can view the latest beads, findings and other jewelry-making supplies whenever (and wherever) you want!

The following all are apps put out by Jewelry and Beading magazines, they are generally free to get but charge within the app for various articles, how-to’s, and tutorials:

Design Jewelry and Accessories

Art Jewelry Magazine and Art Jewelry Techniques

Jewelry Stringing Magazine

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Magazine

Beads and Beyond

How to Make Wire Jewelry-Live Wire

Bead Style Magazine

InColor:Jewelry Trading, Trends and Fashion Magazine

Let me know if I missed any!