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Covellite Cabochons

Covellite is a rare semi precious gemstone material composed of copper sulfide.

Our lovely gemstone cabochon material came from the Leonard Mine in Butte, Montana and from the Galactic open pit mine in Summitville, Colorado.

Covellite is found around the world.  It is a very soft material-about a 2.

Covellite cabochons are beautiful metallic-looking stones that are gun metal or indigo blue with occasional pockets of purple iridescence and flecks of bright gold pyrite. 

Covellite was named after the Italian mineralogist Niccolo Covelli (1790-1829) who first discovered this mineral on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius.

Metaphysical Properties: Covellite is said to help one maintain a positive outlook. It can help structure one's thoughts so that ideas can be expressed clearly.

Some of these designer cabochons are cut with a pretty flat surface and backed with a thin layer of black agate for stability. Others are cut very thickly and need no backing.  Due to the metallic finish, this gemstone cabochon material is very hard to photograph! These are truly unique and beautiful!!