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Uvarovite Garnet

This material is usually referred to as Green Druse (or Green Drusy).

Uvarovite Garnet cabochons have a beautiful emerald-green color. The color is the result of the presence of Chromium in the molecular structure of the crystals.

As with the other calcium garnets (andradite and grossular), Uvarovite is formed from the metamorphism of impure siliceous limestones and some other rocks that contain chromium.

This material was first found in 1832 and it comes from the Saranovskiy Mine in the Ural Mountains, Russia. It was named after Count S. S. Uvarov (1765-1855), a Russian statesman and ardent amateur mineral collector.

Metaphysial Properties: Uvarovite Garnet is said to heal the feeling of insufficency in all its aspects.