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K2 Azurite Granite

A rare and exciting semi precious gemstone cabochon material known as K2 or K2 Azurite Granite.  Some people are calling it K2 Jasper, however it is not a Jasper, it is a white or gray Granite stone with lovely splotches of royal blue Azurite. 

It is highly unusual to find a copper mineral (Azurite) in a granite rock.  It is believed the granite formed first and then the Azurite crystalized within the granite grains. The Azurite orbs range from a few millimeters up to about two centimeters in diameter. Some piece also have green Malachite orbs.

This gorgeous gemstone cabochon material is coming from the Skardu area of northern Pakistan, near the Pakistan and China border.  K2 Azurite Granite rough rock was mined at the base of the second highest mountain in the world, K2 (also known as Mount Godwin Austen), which is second in height only to Mt. Everest.

Granite has a hardness of about 6 and since the Azurite is really just a staining, the K2 cabochons take a great polish and wear well.

Metaphysical Properties of K2: It is believed that K2 brings harmony and balance to all aspects of life.