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Barlows Gems launches a brand new website!

Barlows Gems launches a brand new website!

Posted by Debbie Barlow on 31st Jul 2014

Welcome to my new blog!
 I have no idea what I did to have such bad karma this year.  It seems from the start of the year, it has been one blow after another.  Just when you recover from one-bam!  About a month ago I was notified that Prostores, where I hosted BOTH of my websites was shutting down.  Image the terror!  I begin to research my options and if you have a website you know that that is an overwhelming job.  But I finally settled on BigCommerce for and just two short weeks ago I began the process of designing a whole new site and migrating my info over.  Image my surprise when I begin to believe that my bad luck might have actually been a lucky stroke!  I am very pleased with the new platform and my new look.  Please let me know what you think.  Comments and constructive criticism are very welcome!

How do I begin shopping?
If you are a former customer you will need to click on the Lost my Password link and you will be sent an email to reset your password.  All of your information should have been migrated over but please take a moment to make sure everything is correct.  If you are new here you may check out as a guest, but I strongly recommend registering because then you'll have access to extra features-like checking order status or starting a Wish List.

Wholesale customers:
My new site actually lets me start a special wholesale group.  To be added to it, I must have a copy of your Resale License (or if you are in a state without Sales Tax) send me a copy of your business license.  You can email it to me at - the easiest way is to just snap a picture of it and send it to me.  This is even easier if you have a smart phone!  Unfortunately it looks like our government will be adding some kind of tax to mail orders-so I must have this on file.  If you have sent it before, let me know and I will verify I have it.  But it's never a bad idea to update my records-so if it's not too much trouble I'd appreciate it if you just resent it.  I will manually enter you into the Wholesale Group and you will start getting 20% off all your orders.  Remember we do offer bigger discounts on retail sales totaling over $1000.00.  So if you plan to spend that much just give us a call 623-465-2771.