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Apache Gold Cabochons

This lovely semi precious gemstone cabochon material is known as Apache Gold. It is bright and shiny gold Chalcopyrite in a black Schist found in "The Big Hole" in Jerome, Arizona.

Located high on top of Cleopatra Hill (5,200 feet) between Prescott and Flagstaff is the once thriving mining town of Jerome, Arizona. The town was established in 1883. In 1918 fires spread out of control over 22 miles of underground mines, burning the inflammable massive pyrite. One of the mine fires continued to burn for twenty years. United Verde moved to open pit mining instead of underground. Blasting in the mines frequently shook the town, sometimes damaging or moving buildings; after one blast in the 1930s the city jail slid one block downhill intact.

By 1953, after belching copper for more than 70 years (and about 800 million dollars worth!), the mine was closed down. Now it is mostly a quaint little tourist town. Due to the 30-degree incline of the mountainside, gravity is pulling the entire town down the slope!

Chalcopyrite has been referred to as Fool's Gold because it is such a bright gold color and the black in this material is dark black, creating quite a striking contrast. Apache Gold semi precious gemstone cabochons take a high polish. I had to shoot some of the Apache Gold cabochons from an angle to avoid a strong reflection-the gemstone cabochons are symmetrical.

Metaphysical Properties: Chalcopyrite is believed to increase happiness and believe in oneself.  It is also said to assist one in finding lost objects!