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Ammolite Fossil Cabochon

These stunning rainbow iridescent Ammolite fossil cabochons are perfect for the creative jeweler or wire wrapper.  Some are whole, with fiery flash on both sides, and some are actually sliced with a flat back.  The main color is red, but other colors are sometimes visible, such as yellow, green, even purple and blue.

This is an semi precious stone Ammonite from the Lower Cretaceous (Lower Albian) of the Mahajanga Province of Madagascar.

It is Fossil Ammonite Desmoceras Latidorsatum and it is about 100 million years old (Late Cretaceous Period).

Ammonites are extinct mollusks related to the modern squid, octopus and Chambered Nautilus. These creatures died out at the close of the Cretaceous Period, about sixty-five million years ago. Their exsistence on earth lasted for about 330 million years Their hard shells are found as fossils in many places throughout the world.

Ammolites are a semi precious gemstone variety of natural fossil Ammonites.   The nacreous shell of the ammonite is comprised of alternating layers of aragonite and conchiolin. Under certain conditions related to fossilization, the nacreous shell becomes highly iridescent; the resulting gemlike material is called "ammolite." The human eye perceives this as an flash of iridescent colors.

Ammonites were first called Ammon's Stones because of their resemblance to the ram's horns of Ammon, the ancient God of Life and Procreation.